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Explore all the apps for earning Hustler status on NEAR

Step 1.

Get your hands on a NEAR Wallet and some $NEAR.

Step 2.

If you already own some crypto and want to transfer it to NEAR, use the Rainbow Bridge!


Please note ETH needs to be wrapped before transferring!

Wrap your ETH here

Step 3.

Check out Pulse and bet on prediction markets.


There are markets on everything from sports to cryptocurrency prices to what Elon Musk will tweet about next. :)

Step 4.

Go to

Use your creative writing skills and guess which account names people will want to buy. Then sell them ;)


You can also bet on existing names, if you think your branding skills are on point.

Step 5.

Check out the Ref.Finance to be a trader and swap tokens.


Protip: Transfer the tokens back to your metamask wallet by using the Rainbow Bridge again!

Step 6.

Gift other people NEAR accounts & usernames over at  :) (1).gif

Spread the wealth of the future.

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